Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, Day 3

Wyatt's friend Connor is coming over on Thursday and he is allergic to dogs so i vacuumed the house really good today to get all hair I could up.

All I can say I HATE MOONSAND!!

While Wyatt was in school today I ran a few errands, Walgreen's, Costco and Safeway. Stopped by and talked to Sharie at the coffee stand too.
Dixie is so funny she loves to lay next to you. Sometime she will follow you around and whimper at you till you finally sit down. When I am laying on my bed she loves to lay next to me and she always puts her head on my laptop when I am trying to type. she is silly.

Wednesday night Sharie and Dave come over and watch Ultimate fighter. We have started taking turns doing the main meal. Has been nice to have a night off and not have so many dishes to do. All I had to make last night was brownies. They were yummy, cream cheese ones.

Dinner! Ok another funny story Wyatt's fish loves to eat I think. Every time I lift the lid it comes up to the surface and just waits for me to drop food in there. When I do put the food in there it eats like it hasn't in days. Just funny to watch.
the book I read to Wyatt last night.

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Kimi said...

It's been fun seeing your 'week'.