Thursday, April 08, 2010

Not from the lack of trying

Ok well actually it is.

I have all the best intentions and start the day off right, but then I get that craving for something sweet. And I have not been able to walk away from that craving. When I started trying to lose weight last Sept. I did really good till Thanksgiving and it has been off and on since then. I convince myself that it is ok to eat that, I will just start again tomorrow. But I am doing this everyday.

Several months ago I started going to the gym with Derek. I would go several times a week to switch it up a little and for some reason I missed one day. One day lead to two, then to a week and so on. It is just a pain in my opinion. I tried doing P90X, but just can't stick with it. Not that I don't want to do it, I just can't get myself TO DO IT. I tell myself if I had a treadmill here I would do it more. It is hard to go to the gym cause of Wyatt (trying to find someone to watch him)
I started noticing the weight coming off in December, 16 lbs. all together. Well in the last month I have gained 6 of those pounds back. And I can feel it. My fat jeans are still lose on me (thank goodness), but I feel frumpy and fat. I am tired all the time and have no energy.

When I was working out and eating healthy I never got sick, not even a cold. I felt great all the time. In this last month since I stopped doing everything (working out and eating healthy) I have gotten a cold. I am having headaches alot too.

So what have we (I) learned form all this...

The Good- I felt great all the time. Wasn't tired, had more energy, never got sick, ate healthy (no soda or sugar), ate good food, never even craved the bad foods. felt skinny and great about my body.

the NOW- I am tired all the time, no energy, have headaches, cant' sleep, get sick, feel frumpy and fat. I crave bad for me foods and can't resist eating them.

So knowing all this why am I having such a issue getting back into it again??? That is the million dollar question.


Beth said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've lost about 8 lbs in the last couple of months. I did it mostly by eating less (never realized how MUCH I was really eating). Then one week I told myself "Oh, I will go back to how I was, just to see what happens." And even though I felt like crap the whole week, I haven't really gotten back to how good I was doing. Ugh. Why is it so hard to find the motivation?!?!

Danielle said...

what if, in the morning when you got your sweet craving you ate something sweet but healthy. like a fiber one bar or the muffins. or had something like eggs and then a sweet drink like crystal light or orange juice.

and i thought if i had the treadmill i would use it too..but i didnt and now i am giving it to

Kimi said...

protein is supposed to help with the sweet craving. and it's really just doing it, even when u don't wnat to...especially if you don't want to. i try to get 'mad at myself' when i try to put it off. granted, that doesn't work all the time. speaking of...i need to go do my p90x...i tried to put it off until tomorrow. haha.