Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 1- Monday

Derek gets up and leaves about 5am. I get up about 730 and Wyatt 8am.
I make my To Dos for the day. (only got about half done, but will just work on it tomorrow)Realized that I had to get invites done today to hand out to kids at Wyatt's school. Wyatt watching his morning shows while eating his snacks and Dixie waiting to get some left overs. Worked on the invites while also trying to do dishes, bills and laundry.
We then stopped at my mom's house and I did some sewing on the invites. Then off to the bank and to get gas.

Then off to drop Wyatt off at preschool. While Wyatt was in class I ran a few errands; Micheal's, Joann's, Scrapbook store and Walmart. I then ran home to feed Dixie with food I got from Walmart (poor dog was out of food). Then off to Albertsons for groceries.
Oh had to stop by McDonald's and get a sweet to on my way to pick Wyatt up.

Wyatt and the kids playing in the mud at school.

I even bought a reusable bag today for earth day.We then went home and had a smoothie for a snack. We are loving these right now.

After snack I caught up on some couponing. Derek got home about 6p and I started dinner. Wyatt had a major meltdown because he didn't want to pick up his Lego's he dumped all over the living room floor. For dinner we had Steak sandwiches and yam fries.830- Derek and Wyatt go to sleep and I am playing on the computer and watching TV.

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Kimi said...

I am so jealous of that sweet tea...they have some at Wendy's here but it's just not the same. only 2 more months and we'll be back to civilization...