Friday, April 23, 2010

What a week it's going to be

So right now I have so much going on that I need to get it down on paper computer before I feel like my brain is going to explode or I forget something. I realized that starting today until Wyatt's party next Saturday (1st) I have something going on all most everyday.

Friday (today)- 930a pick Colton up, Wyatt's school, Scrapbooking 4-12
Saturday- 1pm Derek and Wyatt go to Super cross for the day and I am working on Birthday party stuff
Sunday- Church, then usually dinner with friends
Monday- school
Tuesday- Ladies night
Wednesday- school, 530pm our Life Group is volunteering with the Bremerton Rescue at our church to feed the homeless
Thursday- 945-noon Kid's Craft Day
Friday- school
Saturday- 4-? Party/ BBQ 40 or so guests

-We would like to buy a few things to bring and donate to the Bremerton Rescue (the people need sleeping bags, tents, coolers, etc.) and I also need to bring a dessert for the meal. So that is shopping and cooking I need to do.

-Wed, Thurs, and Friday I have 3 packages coming with stuff for Wyatt's party.

-Now none of this even includes what I need to get ready and set up for the party- make list of what is left to buy, buy food and decorations, get games, prizes, balloons and tables from Candy, make signs, put together goodie bags, decorate Saturday(lots of that to do). Pray for no rain on Saturday. Still need to get his present, think we are getting him a bike with training wheels.

-Or all the house cleaning that will have to be done before the party. Which is the usual weekly chores plus a few extra things I would like to get done also before the party.

I am really thinking I need to make ONE master list (might be a whole notebook) of everything and keep on me at all times so as i get stuff or do something it can be crossed off.

I just ask that you all keep me and my family in your prayers as we make it through this week. Also any advice or words of encouragement would be nice too.


Erna/Erin said...

I recommend Google calendar. You can add all of this stuff, and there is a place for notes where you can write specific directions (like, "Bring scissors" or whatever). You can also add recurring events so like, church, for instance. And, if you have a smart phone/PDA/iphone/Blackberry/Droid/Pre, it will automatically sync so you have your calendar with you everywhere. In addition, you can access it anywhere there is internet, so if you are at your parent's house and they ask you what you are doing on June 23rd, you can log on and tell them. Sorry, I am a bit obsessed with it (obviously).

Kimi said...

My advice: Breathe.
If something gets won't be catastrophic.

Carrie said...

Don't worry too much. The party is suppose to be for fun so have fun doing it. I recommend getting the cleaning out of the way first then you have the rest of the week to set up for things. Enjoy your busy week there is always next for sleep ;-)

Tomisha said...

The carnival I helped set-up this weekend uses those cheap brightly colored plastic tableclothes to swag around doorways and entrances. Lots of bang for the buck =)I'll get you pics on Sat.