Thursday, January 08, 2009

When it rains it pours...

So this is how my living room looked last night when we went to bed. It all started off when i was rinsing dinner dishes, all of a sudden I could hear water pouring out from under the sink. The U pipe connection had come lose. So Derek was under there trying to tighten it to get us through till he could get home today and fix it. I guess the seal is worn down and he needs to get a new one. So while he is under there dealing with that I hear a load drip drip drip. Now it has been raining non stop all day so I go follow the sound and you guessed it there is a drip coming from the ceiling. (insert GRR! here) Seriously when it rains it pours.
Derek said he would have to deal with it today because it was to dark out to do anything. Not to my liking I agreed, weeeell then I heard it again. Went out to check and the spot had gotten bigger and was dripping on the back of the couch. (insert another Grrr here) So now it is like 9:30 and Derek is already asleep in bed. I had to wake him up and let him know what was going on. He got dressed and crawled up in the small cramped attic to see how bad it was. He doesn't think it is as bad as he thought have to find out today.
The few people who actually read this might remember just a week ago we had to dig the yard up and replace a 2-3 ft section of pipe that a tree root had taken over. All I have to say is these things could be worse I guess, thank the lord they aren't.

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