Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So much to do...

So my sister Dani and I were talking and realized that we haven't been home for like 2 days. Now I am not talking full days, but we did alot of running around for these two days so not much has gotten done around the house. So I am posting my TO DO list to help, well hopefully help get some stuff done here tomorrow.

~Laundry- darks, whites
~Fold and put away laundry
~Make Wyatt's bed
~Clean up train town in Wyatt's room
~build new train town
~Vacuum carpets, house
~Swiffer floors
~Clean up Laundry room
~Dinner- Catfish, noodles, veggie
~Boil eggs
~Brush Dixie
~Cascade paperwork
~Finish up Ester's files
~Clean up scrap table (this is an ongoing thing)
~Clean bathroom-sink, toilet, floors
~heck just straighten up the house


Man I am getting scared typing all these out, Yeek! I am going to be busy. i really wanted to go to Ester's today, but might not be able to after reading all this.


Danielle said...

dude...come do my house. i was at the pharmacy for almost 2 hours today!

the only thing i have planned for tomorrow is naps for the girls and ricks basketball game at 6 so hopefully i can get some sh!t done tomorrow!

Anonymous said...
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