Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Princess Party Invites

Lots of crafting going on for the Princess Party.My sister, Kim, drew the picture for me. I then inserted the pic in Word and put a text box over the pic to enter all the wording. I then glittered the castle tops, flags and girls dress.AND theeeen... (remember from Dude where's my car)LOL. No really I then stapled a ribbon onto top so you can pull it out of the envelope.Now the envelopes are a whole nother story in themselves. My sister and I searched all over and couldn't find an envelope the size I needed. then she saw a long skinny one and had teh idea to cut it in half. It worked perfect.


Kimi said...

Love how they turned out. can't wait to see the other great things you do for the party.

Jinglbells said...

yayyy...glad the envelopes worked! they are so much sparklier thank i thought!! your doin a great job...a little girls dream!

Jeanie said...

Heather, you are amazingly crafty!! :)