Saturday, March 05, 2011

Princess Centerpieces

I have come to find that I do very well if I have awhile to plan parties. I am one of those that has to think and try out several different ideas until I have exactly what I want to do. Until I love it. I kind of knew what I wanted but it took me alost a week to get it just right.
Again just like the bags I used Dollar tree (balloon weights), Target dollar spot (pails) and coupons (Styrofoam balls at Joanns). The wands, crown and flowers I actually borrowed from my friend Candy who is throwing a princess party in a month. So she let me use them and then she will use my centerpieces in trade. Great way to save money.
Here is the finish product.
Final cost for 6 of them was under $20. The pails cost the most at $1 each.
Now I just have 5 more to put together.

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Rebecca said...

Very cute centerpieces! I love that they are low cost and will be used twice (at least). You could swap out the princess stuff and use other things for other parties too.