Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Princess Party

So I was asked by a friend, Etta, to plan her daughter 4th Birthday party. They wanted a princess party with lots of pink and purple. Which for a mom with no girls it was so nice to do. Here are some pics of the decorations. Wish I could have done more, but with such a big space and limited money I did my best and she loved it so I am super happy.

This was the crown craft table where the kids got to decorate their own crown.
The food and cake tables. I had a friend make wand cookies for everyone to take home.The Birthday Girl.My friend and also Aunt of the birthday girl made the cake and cupcakes. (she is also the one who made the popcorn cupcakes for my son Wyatt's carnival party) Here is the dress up area, There was lots of dress up and play time.The wands were from Oriental trading Co and I made the swords. The boys had a ton of fun with swords.


Cyndi said...

You did such an awesome job Heather! Everything was so girly and pretty. I love the big pom poms hanging from the ceiling and all the little details. Perfect! Makes me really sorry I missed it, although you did a great job taking photos.

Kimi said...

It turned out super cute heather. Way to go! I'd say for your first party planning mission is was a huge success. Glad I could help. Wish you were here to do a baby shower for me. *sniff sniff* I always miss out, stupid military life. I know, you guys buy me a ticket home and throw me a surprise shower. PERFECT! Just tell me when. HeeHee!

Erin (nickname: Erna) said...

It looks so great! I wish I was invited!!

I especially love the poms and the lanterns in the first photo. Plus, that girl's aunt can make some CUTE cakes. AWESOME.

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful princess party! You didn't miss a detail. I love the dress up corner. The cake & cupcakes look cute & tasty.