Monday, May 03, 2010

Wyatt's carnival Party

The birthday Boy!

Everyone was a good sport wearing the clown nose.

We had a Wyatt's party at a Community Center a friend of mine works for. It is an awesome place, it has a kitchen and lots of room. We actaully do most of our parties here. Alot of my decorations I got from Oriental Trading Co.

I made these signs wiht cardboard and some paint.I think Wyatt was in shock when he walked in.
My mom made this awesome striped curtain to hook on the front door.The place look awesome. I had lots of help from some great friends. We used the big rolls of plastic table cloth to make tent like top from the ceiling.Not sure if you can see on the walls, but I ordered old circus posters form a website. And they were only $4 each. Awesome price. Not sure if you can see in the pics, but the centerpieces were metal buckets with pin wheels in them surronded by peanuts. They turned out super cute. Here is a link to a better picture of them.Our buddy Matt who lives down the road from the community Center brought his tractor down and gave all the kids a hay ride. It went over very well, they all loved it.We had lots of games set up for the kids to play. Some home made other bought at Party City. The signs were also from Party City.I got a 5x7 picture from each of Wyatt's past birthdays and had them on display. So sad and happy to see him growing so much. :)The presant table. We also had circus music playing in the back ground.My parents brought there grill out and Ezra was nice enough to cook up the burgers and dogs.
I taped red crepe paper to a white plastic table cloth for the food table. And everyone was so nice and all offered to bring a side dish to share. This helped alot on cutting cost.

We had a huge candy table. The ferris wheel I ordered of Hobby Lobby website and alot of the candy came from the dollar tree. The awesome popcorn cupcakes my friend Nette made. The red and white wrappers are the Oriental trading co. and she had the popcorn label made at staples.
I got the gift boxes from Oriental Trading Co. and the favors are from party City and the suckers where also from OTC. I filled littel ziplock bags at the end of the party and put the candy in the kids gift boxes. Here is all what Wyatt got. Are day was as big as this pile.

Here is a link to one of my posts with some of my inspirational ideas while I was plannign the party and some things that I did use. Like the napkins and plates and invite. Enjoy and have a look around.


Rebecca said...

Wow! The party decor looks great. You did a wonderful job planning and pulling it together, how nice to have friends that are talented and helpful. Those cupcakes are awesome. Love it!

Erin (nickname: Erna) said...

Such an AMAZING job! I really like the photos of the prior birthdays. Cute idea.

Oh, and Playmobil RULES!!

Beth said...

Wow, wow, wow! It looks like it turned out amazingly well. I so wish we could've been there. I agree with Erin. The photos of past birthdays was a great idea. You are so good at planning/pulling off parties!

Kimi said...

Like I've said should be an event coordinator. I love the clown nose fact, one of the best parts was seeing what great shots u'd get. like the candy and stuff. you have a good eye.
i love the cowboy bike ride too. AWESOME! wish we could have been there to celebrate. look great! seriously.

Drew Watts said...

Wyatt's carnival Party looks wonderful. It was such a grand party. All these eatables are wonderful. At one of the best local party venues in Chicago I will also host the weekend family dinner bash for celebrating my son’s birthday. I hope that my ideas for the decorations are going to look good.