Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday wrap up

Well I am so proud of myself today. I cleaned my kitchen and emptied the sink, I cleared my washer/dryer off, I cleaned up all toys off floor (swept and vacummed). So excited. It's a start right?
I went to meet some girls today to finish working on some great V-day crafts, but they couldn't make it, but that's ok I got an hour off from Wyatt and painted my caps for a particular project. Tomorrow I will show you all the stuff I have been working on, lots or cards, and several crafty things. I'm pretty excited. None of these ideas are my own of course, but hey I make them my own.
I swear I just looked down at the clock I haven't been to bed before 11.30 this whole week. To much caffine i think.
Well things here in the house are still not so good, DH business still isn't getting money owed to them which of course means we aren't getting payed. It is starting to take its toll, I mean seriously what can I do robb a bank (trust me i thoguht about it, just couldn't get away with it, LOL) The credit card is maxed, bills aren't getting paid and we are running out of cash. grr I hate having a problem and not being able to fix it, I know DH is feeling this same way. It's like you are stuck in a box with lots of ideas how to escape, but you KNOW none of them will really work. Sorry I'm not looking for a pitty party I just need to vent I hate to vent to DH anymore cause I know he is frusterated too. I think it might be time not to wait for the job I was hoping for and start hitting the pavement for a part time job. And what sucks is no part time job will really give us the large immediate help we need. . I trust god is looking out for us and isn't giving us anything we can't handle. I do beleive that but it still can be hard. Please just say a prayer for our family
Sorry Aunt kim I still can't upload photos on here, but i will try tomorrow.
Well goodnight all and sorry about spelling errors, spell check isn't working either.


Paper Propaganda said...

I feel your struggle... very much! Hope everything gets better for you soon :)

Beth said...

Good job on getting your goals for the day accomplished. I'm not sure why we can't remember how good it feels to get stuff done!

I totally feel you on all the money crisis. I feel that way all the time. Our bills (credit cards and utilities) always get paid, but I constantly feel like I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul just to buy groceries and gas and extra stuff. I, too, am trying to trust that God will provide what we need. But it's so hard not to sit and go "Well, if we did this...or this...or this...things would be different. We would have more money, we would have less bills." So, while I'm praying for myself in this struggle, I will pray for you too.

I love you Heather! Can't wait until this summer to see you.

Mandy said...

I understand. I think we have all been there at some point or another. I'll keep you in my thoughts.I can't wait to see your v-day crafts

Kimi said...

I'm so excited to see the crafts Heath. And I'm very proud you reached some goals. I'll continue to pray for your situation, I know you guys will be okay. We've all been there.
I'm still jealous that you all will be together this summer. Not sure if we'll be able to make it. I miss you guys sooo much though.