Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Journal & Our trip

Hello all- well I pretty much finished my Christams journal on Sat. at the crop. I have a few pages that our not for the journal that I want to add, like pics of the boys on Cmas and our tree hunt, but those will have to wait until after our trip. Yup we are takin a trip to MO, yea so excited. We will be gone until Tues the 15th, so I am not sure how much I will be on here or even checkin email. I will post lots of pics and even have a great idea for amini album I want to do.
Here is my 'pretty much' finished album. I love how the cover turned out.

Here is a 2007 album in review I made with my new laminator. There are more pages, but you get the idea from these three. And so you get the size of it, the album is made from regular playing cards.

Thanks for stoppin by.


Beth said...

So you're not going on the cruise? Why not?

I love that little album from the cards. So cute. And the cover for the Christmas one turned out so good.

Hey, did you get a letter from the IRS about IAP? We did. Find me sometime, and I'll tell you all about it.

Love you! And I'm counting down the time until this summer!

Sonia said...

OMGOSH i love that little album! what a fabulous idea. Every year I try to do a monthly page, but I end up puttering out by april! I think I could do this smaller size! Thanks for the inspiration :) Your christmas album looks great too. I still haven't finished uploading my pages to my blog.

Rebecca said...

Wow! Your albums look great. I SO wish I had enough time to get that much done. I think I'll try doing the Christmas journaling next year, sounds like a fun project!