Saturday, April 30, 2011

Star Wars gift bags

Here is a pic of the gift bags for Wyatt's Star Wars party tomorrow. They turned out super cute I think.
I started with a black bag from Oriental Trading Co. The bag was to tall though so I cute several inches off the top and then made new holes and restrung the handles. Wyatt wanted to help put the star stickers on, but that lasted long enough for 1 bag.
I did up the bags by family since there were alot of siblings gonna be there, but each bag has girl/boy items in them. Also everything I got was either on sale of clearance. Items in the bags our-
Star Wars puzzle from Dollar tree
Star glasses & necklace
Star Wars Silly bands (from valentines day)
Glow in dark braclet
Pixie Sticks (lightsabers)
Star Wars stickers and fruit snacks
Glow in the dark stars

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