Saturday, April 09, 2011

I need a change

So I have the spring fever itch and I need to decorate something, paint something, plant something or rearrange something. You ever feel like that?
So I have been looking at making some changes in our house. One thing that I will be doing is Wyatt's room, finally getting rid of the last of the toddler stuff and going big boy. He really is in to Star Wars, but I try to just add little touches of it and keep everything else pretty neutral so it can be used with any theme.

The grandmas are getting him this desk for his birthday. In the shelves I will put his craft boxes and crayon buckets. And the nice thing about this desk is they have a bookshelf, dresser, hutch, nightstand, and head board to match so if later he has his own room we can get this stuff to match the desk.
I would love to get him a solar system to put in his room. I will also be putting glow in the dark stars up (they are a party favor for his birthday.) Now of course with adding the desk I will be having to rearrange his room to make it fit, but hey that is what I love. :)

Oh and OMG how cool is this, I found it at Pottery Barn. I have to get it. :)

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