Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

So taking a break from Star Wars party stuff (it will return in the next post, LOL) I thought I'd share a few pic of our Easter.
We started the morning with the Easter basket of course (thanks Gma Marylee for the Clone Wars towel, he loved it) but that I must say wasn't the hit of the day.

This year the church rented out the local colleges Student Center. It was a packed house for sure.(The hit of the day was this)Then later in the grass outside they hosted a Easter egg hunt for all the kids. These were the eggs I helped stuff on one of the Craft nights for the ladies. I think we stuff over 2000 of them, so there was NO shortage of eggs for the kids for sure.Wyatt is using the milk jug basket he made at Kid's Craft day the day before.

It was an awesome day with friends and family (dinner later that night with Rick and Dani, tater tot nachos)

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