Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lists are my Friend

So this week is gonna be very hectic and super busy. I have made several lists around the house so I hopefully won't forget anything. LOL
9-wyatt to school
920-interview for new house to clean
1030-help ester
330-pick wyatt up

9-wyatt to school
920-interview for new cleaning job
1030-help ester
330-pick wyatt up
6-BBQ w/friends

9-wyatt to school
130-pick wyatt up
200-wyatt are going to Target to make a birthday list
Place OTC order

9-wyatt to school
930- help Ester
330-pick wyatt up

9-wyatt to school
12-clean house
330- pick wyatt up

2-Wyatt has goes to SuperCross

So on top of all this of course the usual household things like; dishes,vacuum, sweep, cooking, laundry, etc.
-make star garland (use moms sewing machine)
-Print Wyatt's invites
-make labels for party food
-Call for oil change
-call DSHS
-make menu
-grocery shopping (poor dogs are out of dog food)
-get egg cartons from Candy
-Need to talk to ladies at church and get help with prepping for Kids Craft Day (April 23)

I really need to keep on this list, the next several weeks will all be like this with planning and having Wyatt's party and Kid's craft day, finding out and making the choice about the house, Easter Service, and planning Kylie's Farm Party. Planning and lists will hopefully make this easier and go smoothly.
Also my week while Wyatt is in school is gone, if I am not cleaning I will be with Ester and helping her out.

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