Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter baskets

I really like doing themed baskets. I really wish I would have gotten a picture last year but he was to quick finding it. Is it sad also that I have to do some research to even find out what I got him. just have no clue what I got him I want to say it was crafty things, like markers and things. This year I am doing a outdoor fun basket it willl include a pair of sun glasses, water football, dirt hand shovel from IKEA, bubbles, water gun, bug viewfinder, and his grandma is sending him a Clone wars beach towel. I know he would probaly prefer Star wars items, but his birthday party is a week after and I am sure most of his presents will be Star Wars items. In 2009 he got a garden tool basket. It had a shovel, pick, hand tools, gloves, markers and bubbles.

I miss him this small :(

What kind of basket are you doing?? Do you do theme or just buy items?

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Kimi said...

i got the girls bags from a 31 purse show. rye will probably use hers more. but i'm not sure what else to put in there. i like you idea of theme ones though.