Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec.25, Christmas Day

Our House
Wyatt was very excited when he woke up.

Dixie killed her duck within 20 minutes of getting it.
My pink loot this year. Ryan and Zach opening their Xbox we got them. (thanks goodness for sales)
Papa and Nana's house
Wyatt looks pretty funny in this pic, but it is the only one where everyone is looking.Derek got his Duck's Unlimited whiskey. He has collected these the last 3 years.
Aunt Judy opening the fleece frog blanket we got her.The girls opening their gift form us. I was
afraid they wouldn't like it but I guess they did. It was a box full of stuff I have gotten over the last 3 months with coupons, anything and everything you could think of for the bathroom. Nail plish, hair products, shamppos, deo, makeup, etc.This was the year of quilts from my parents for the kids.

Wyatt opening gift from Hardwick's.Maggie enjoying some quiet time.

Thanks Uncle B and Aunt Pat, Grampa Ben and Grandma Marylee and Papa and teetah we loved everything. Thanks Dad and Mom too it was a great Christmas.


Kimi said...

i wish we could have been there. glad to see mom finally finished the quilts. bout time. ;)
i like the letters on ur stockings. i've beent thinking of doing that.

Beth said...

*with tears running down my face* I wish we could've been there!