Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Edited: Another year another resolution

So every year I try and make resolutions and pick a Word that I want to follow. Not to sure what this years word will be, but I want it to sum up what all my resolutions are about.

2009 word was MOVE

As most of you know this year I quit taking Paxil, with that came up some issues. I have lacked in the organizing skills I usually have had. Menu planning, scrapbooking, list making, chores have all been lacking also because of this. I just feel like there is so much of it and my brain overloads and instead of it getting done I just shut down. Unless you have gone through this it can be hard to explain. I am basically having to learn how to do all this all over again. So this year that is one of my resolutions is to get back on track with our life being organized.

Another thing I have noticed I haven't scrapped since I stopped taking the Paxil, just really didn't have an interest in it, but my goal is to get back on it. I am so far behind and I really do miss it. I miss the feeling of finishing that layout and seeing what I have created, it really is a great feeling. saying to yourself 'ooh that is so cute'. I need to get scrapping!

My goal last January was to start exercising, um ya that didn't really happen until September. But since I started I feel so much better, my eating has gotten better, I haven't gotten sick and I have lost 11 pounds. Not as much as I would have liked to lose, I have about 10 more to go because I still have to wear my fat jeans. My butt seems to always be the last to go, LOL. also as most of you know I have taken a challenge to run the Viking Fest 10k with a friend, that is 6 miles if you don't know. Now for someone unphysical like me this is a big challenge. So I have two resolutions here; stay fit and run the Viking Fest 10k in May.

Next is kind of a money thing and I really don't talk about money on here, but this will be short and sweet. I would love to pay of the boat this summer.

So by writing all this I think that my word this year might have to be MOVE again. Just seems to fit what I would like to accomplish this year. Unless you have another idea I would love to hear them. If you aren't able to post on here just email me you word.

Edited: I decided to use two words this year because I really liked another word and it also just fit in with my idea of what I wanted to accomplish this year. So without further ado the new word is PLAN.


Heather said...

Posting for Marylee-

Maybe it could be SMORs Scrapping, Money, Organized and Running
Plus I like to eat smores...:-)

I think it is good to have goals. Ben and I are trying to get healthier, but it is hard! It seems we take 2 steps forward and then one back, but we will eventually get there I suppose.

MOVE is a good word for you.


Kimi said...

That was a nice post for Marylee. I will think on my word. THats a toughie with so much change happened at the end of this year and so much that will be changing through out the next.
I'll get back to you.