Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of planning

I am in the process of lots and lots of planning. Right now I am planning for 4 parties plus one.

-Princess 4th birthday on March 19

-Philly Cooking Creme House Party on March 12

-Wyatt's Star Wars 6th Birthday Party in May

-Helping wiht Summer's Princess Party in May

-Plus Spring Break is coming up

-And a Surprise hopefully in the works, not sure yet though if it will work

My Philly House Party will be here at the house and I am hoping for 15-20 ladies to attend. With this comes alot of stuff- I will be precooking and figuring out what I want to make, making gift bags to hand out to the ladies (the company sends me stuff to hand out, but I will also have some stuff of my own to add), cooking for the party, and doing so house cleaning. And with all those ladies coming to my hosue it makes me want to go through the house. People coming over always gets me inspired to purge and do some magor cleaning. I love it, I really really do. It doesn't seem like a chore for me then when then end result is sharing my home.
Now there is no way I would probably ever be motivated enough to do it otherwise. LOL. Yes I am wierd I know.

Lots of ideas and thoughts going on with planning the Star Wars and Princess parties, will keep you posted as I get things done and find pics.

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Beth said...

Umm....shouldn't that say "Spring Break in Northern California with my amazingly wonderfully awesome sister"?