Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little bit of Randomness

It is so windy out today. Very sunny though too. It looks all nice out, but it is very deceiving this weather. When you walk out side it is brrrr cold. My computer says it is 39. ya that is cold. And the wind gusts aren't helping any either.

So I was excepted to host a House party for Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking Creams. Very excited- one because the party will be on my birthday and two because they are sending lots of fun stuff for me (the host) and my guests. I am already thinking of other fun stuff to put in the guest bags. Any ideas please share!?! More randomness...
Isn't he the cutest ever. Dasher has gotten so big since he came to stay on Christmas. He is such a cuddler. He will follow me around the house and then whine at the couch when he wants me to sit so he can snuggle. Right now both doggies are asleep at my feet on the bed while I type this. I will say one thing that gets old is all the playing, LOL. Dasher can get pretty loud. The two of them play so well together. It just seems like if I am in the room they have to be leaning against me while they play, so I get the occasional head butt on the shins or teeth stabbed into my legs.
Otherwise life is still going on. Even with all our issues we are having right now, life still happens and we are just strengthening our relationship with God and each other.
I finished two layouts last night at our Church's Ladies Craft Night so I will post those after I do a few more layouts tonight.

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