Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Wars Party Ideas

So I am going to do something like this at the party. But my stars will just be big silver foil ones. Not sure if they will be made or if I will buy them. I love this idea of the black cups and colored stars, might even try to get stars that the kids can keep. Like the curly one.
And of course I will be having Nette make a R2D2 cake. Have to have that.

I would love to find enough wrapping paper rolls to make these light sabers.

I love this idea, Yoda Soda. Sprite and green sherbet. Will have to go into a big punch bowl so you can see the cool green. We'll see though.
Ok and the biggest thing is I would love to find one of the guys to dress up like Darth Vadar and come visit, but we will see on cost.

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Rebecca said...

Great ideas! My son wants a Lego Star Wars party this year. :)