Friday, February 25, 2011

What we're reading now!

So Wyatt has moved on to books with no pictures, just the ones in his head. We went to the library on Wednesday after school and he went straight for the Star Wars chapter books. Not sure how he knew where they were, but we picked one out and brought it home. He picked no other picture books, just this one. So every night we are reading a chapter and a few extras in between too.
Dasher has to get in on the action too. The puppy loves to walk on our laptops like they aren't even there.


Kimi said...

it's great he's got something he's so into he wants to read about it too. good for him.

Beth said...

Tyner's got a Clone Wars chapter book, too. If I can find, I will send it with those other books.

Beth said...

Well, Tyner couldn't find the Star Wars book. But I did send the Readers out to you today. Just an FYI. :)