Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When daddy feels guilty

So I never gave the full story about what happened to Wyatt. He was in the back of Derek's truck playing (which is normal, they hang out alot outside). Wyatt was wearing flip flops and tripped over them. Derek has this Cylinder rack that holds his big cylinders against the truck box (it is in a shape of a W) and we think that is what he hit. So Derek is feeling really guilty, he felt so bad at the hospital, he kept saying he was sorry and that as soon as he got home the ywould take the rack down. I tried to tell him that kids get hurt all the time and that it wasn't his fault, but he feels so bad.

SO ya when he came home from work today this is what he brought home for Wyatt. Wyatt loves all these machines, he and Derek talk about them all the time because Derek uses them everyday at work. He is so happy, they are on the floor right now playing.

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meganklauer said...

OH man! What a story and what an event to scrapbook! I have 2 boys and this sounds like something that would totally happen to my boys. Why is it they love to play in the back of trucks, anyways? :0)