Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our week so far

So our week has been nothing but normal I guess, just had some pics I wanted to share.

Monday I switched the room around (you knew that already, see post below) and I mowed half the yard while it was nice out.

Tuesday my sister, Jenefer, came over and helped me start my garden, we dug out the edges of it and then Derek went and got his tattoo.

Wednesday Derek came home from work and we finished cleaning up the yard, finished mowing and I edged the house and yard.

Yup that is about it for us for the week. Today Wyatt has school and then we will come home and hang out inside because it's raining out. Which is good my flowers needed some water.

Also here are some pics from last Friday of Wyatt getting down with his guitar. He is so funny when he plays it, he like to rock out.

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Beth said...

Derek's tattoo is fa-reaky! And I LOVE Wyatt's face in the last picture!