Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break

So other than going to the park on one of the nice days with all the cousins we didn't do to much this Spring break. On Friday Derek was in MO for his grandpa funeral so the boys and i headed over to Tom and Ester for a BBQ, we didn't stay long(lots of adults drinking), but I did get to see Ester for a few and the boys ran around outside playing tag.
Wyatt helping Tom start the fire.Boys playing tag. It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt, which of course happened. Ryan back kicked Zach in the you know where as Zach was tackling him.

Otherwise the boys played on the Xbox and computer, which they don't get to do to much at home so I figured, it is raining outside so why not. They did help me around the house alot also putting laundry and dishes away.

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Kimi said...

i'm glad that they got time together and that they were helpful. i know it must be so hectic when they're all there, but i bet it makes for some good memories.