Sunday, April 26, 2009

First visit to the ER

And I would like to not to do it again.

The day went like this- I ran to Walmart to get some stuff for the garden, when I got to the register I realized I did not have my wallet. So I ran home to get it, got back to Walmart and to the sliding doors and the phone rings, it is Derek. The only thing I hear is "You have to come home right now Wyatt cut his head and it looks pretty bad." Not what a mother wants to hear. So I ran back to the car and raced home.
Took one look and said oh yea he needs to go to the ER. It wasn't just a cut it was a hole, You could have stuck a pencil eraser in it it was so deep. The doctor said it went through the skin to the muscle and that was what we could see in the hole, the muscle (um gross)
The dark red spot is the hole.
Wyatt was not happy at first when they put this on him until it was our turn, but after about 30 min he was OK with it.
He saw another girl coloring and wanted to color too so he got a book from the nice people at the counter and kept busy till it was out turn.
Man ER's have gotten way nicer, they had a flat screen TV in there, so we watched a cartoon while we waited for the doctor.

Here the doctor is putting the glue on the owie.
I was so amazed, Wyatt did so good. The only time he cried due to PAIN was when the doctor kept opening and closing the hole (can't blame him it made me nauseous). He siad the whole time that it didn't hurt.
So this is our first ER visit and with the way he is and how much he likes to hang out with the big boys I am sure it won't be out last.


Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

Poor guy, tell him the only holes he is supposed to have in his head are the ones God put there LOL

Beth said...

That reminds me of our visit with Sierra. Poor kid. Good thing he has a muscle-y forehead!!!!

Carrie said...

Brave little guy. What happened?