Friday, April 17, 2009

School Art work

So Ali Edwards blogged today about what she is planning on doing with her kids school paperwork and artwork.
This got me motivated to post a pic of what I am doing with Wyatt's stuff.
When he brings stuff home I have been taking a pic of it, it then will hang on the fridge until new stuff comes in. Whne I replace these items I now don't feel bad just throwing them away because I have a pic of it. I then will be scrapping each month's artwork. Here is one I did with a sleeve protector others will just be done in a layout.
Make sure you read the comments on Ali's blog there are a ton of great ideas if you aren't sure what you are doing.
I would love to here and see what you do too!


Kimi said...

i really like this. remember, you don't have to save all of them. he's going to start making a TON of them.

Heather said...

Oh I don't take a pic of everything, just my favs. Or something that shows an accomplismnet he has done, like writing his name.

Carrie said...

He is quite the artist!

meganklauer said...

What a fantastic idea! I always feel so bad about not being able to keep it all!

Rebecca said...

I didn't realize just how many projects they'd bring home! I save them all for a few months, take a group photo then toss all but the ones with hand prints or photos. I want to scrap the photos and put the projects into a pocket on the 12x12 page.