Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just ordered

Wyatt's Birthday Present.
He loves to play with this thing at Preschool and at the Castle Park so Derek really wanted to get it for him. He is going to love it.
And as you have probably notice that I have not been talking about planning Wyatt's party, this year we are going to Chuck E Cheese, all we have to do is show up. He has been talking about it since last year, seriously every time we drive by Chuck E Cheese, talk about birthdays or he just thinks about it.
How cute our these invites.


Kimi said...

What a happy birthday it will be.

Rebecca said...

I didn't know they still made those shovel things! My grandparents had one in the play area for us kids growing up and we all fought over that toy the most. How fun! Happy birthday to your boy!

Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

That is the cutest invitation!
I LOVE that shovel thing, my kids loved the ones at playgrounds but I never thought to get them one LOL