Monday, April 13, 2009

Building a birdhouse with daddy

Wyatt has been talking alot about wanting to build a bird house, since last summer I think. While at Lowes one day we saw that it would be their next free clinic, so we decided to try it. We had so much fun, ok well I just went along to take pictures, but they had alot of fun. Wyatt got a snack, certificate, to keep the googles and apron adn they even got a patch to put on their apron.

Here is daddy showing Wyatt how to fix it if it isn't perfect.LOL


Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

That is funny, Jon takes the kids(mainly the boys & sometimes Princess Chloe is okay with getting her hands dirty) to those workshops...and they LOVE it...we have a slightly different birdhouse from this past workshop!

Kimi said...

that's so great. maybe they can make it a regular thing.

Carrie said...

Love the little goggles. they are too precious!