Sunday, March 01, 2009

End of February

I made homemade pizza crust and pizza sauce. The pizza's turned out yummy.
I watched Abby for a few hours. She is such a sweetie. Even when she is crabby.

We built a train town.
We went to the Dog Park, which has a park for kids next to it. Dani and her girls came so all the kids could play together at the park.

On our way there. Now when I got the camera out to take this picture Dixie was asleep too.

Not sure what today will bring probably just hanging out at home.


Kimi said...

thanks for clarifying on the yahoo...hehe.
That pizza looks so good. My favorite toppings right now are pepperoni, pineapple and mushroom. Yum. we would go to the dog park in va with our friends dogs, it's so fun to watch them all play together. and lastly...abby has the cutest round little face.

Beth said...

Look at how big Abby is getting!!!!!

That pizza looks so yummy! You gonna' make it for us when we come up in June?

You look cute with your black beanie cap on!!!!