Saturday, March 07, 2009


*edited, more to do's

I just wanted to let everyone know we are ok and making it. Derek is working everyday and the business is fine, they just aren't getting paid. And in this business the person who owes you is most likely owed by someone else, and we are just last on the totem pole.

We are struggling a little, but seem to make it by everyday. Heck bills can wait they aren't going anywhere.

So I am helping Ester out of Monday so my normal Monday to do list will get done on Sunday instead. My mom (thanks mom and dad!) gave us some stuff to help get by and yesterday we got a few bucks, so I trying to make a menu out for the next week with what we have and seeing what I need to get.

To Dos
~wash towels, sheets, dark clothes
~put laundry away
~vacuum floors, couch
~dog bath
~brush dog
~clean laundry room
~grocery shopping
~organize pics (ongoing)
~retype recipes I like
~dinner, UFC fight at sister's
~order pics (I get pics free with coke rewards, no I am not drinking soda, I get them from my dad)

~Cheesy Hashbrown Potato Chili, salad
~Beef Stroganoff, salad
~Bulgar Beef Casserole(WW) w/salad
~Lime Chicken & Black Eyed Peas w/tortillas
~Crock Pot Country Ribs, roasted sweet pot.
~Dinner at Dani's watching UFC fight

Very excited my birthday is in 5 days(march 12). I will be 35, yuk, gettin old. But on next saturday a bunch of us are getting together to scrapbook. Very excited. I love birthdays and love to celebrate.

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