Thursday, March 12, 2009

UPDATED-Birthday To Dos

A pic of Wyatt and I today going to Preschool.

Wyatt snack to Preschool
clean laundry room
put away laundry
take out garbage, recycle
shower-get dressed
work out
Target- more good deals (see below)
Return videos (got a free video rental for Bday)
Renew licence (waited an hour)
Pick up house
Cascade Paperwork
Dinner-Applebee's (gift card for Bday, thanks Marylee and Ben)
Take stuff to Ester

Target Deals

So basically the same as I got last time, but I added Motts applesauce (0.69 each).

This would have been even cheaper but Target says they do not allow a manufactor coupon and target coupon on one item any more.

Total out of pocket $5.46


Beth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And have a great dinner at Applebee's!!! Sounds yummy.

Kimi said...

happy Happy to you to you.
have a wonderful birthday, i'll call you later.

Kimi said...

I love the natural applesauce. Yum!
I love the picture heather. You're hair looks great! Looking HOT on your Bday is always a great way to start a 'new year'!

Carrie said...

Cute pics of you two! Happy bday and great deal. Enjoy your movie =)