Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I love Thursday!

So I wanted to join in the fun over at the diaper diaries and say what I love today. Now this could be pretty basic, like i could say I love Swiffer vacum (which I do, espically with the dog hair)


We got paid, yippee so that is what I really love...paychecks

Now if you read my blog or know me you know that we have been living on the kindness of friends and family for food to feed the family, only 2 bills got paid this month (out of 13) and we ran out of heat (we did get some oil put it a few days later).

So you can see why I am so happy to be getting some money finally, all our bills for March will get paid up to date. YEA!


Taylor said...

I hear ya.

Kimi said...

yay thursdays!