Monday, March 23, 2009

thoughts at 430 in the morning

So I have been laying in bed since about 4 am and just can't sleep, of course when you lay there all this stuff runs through your head and I find that if I don't write it down I never get back to sleep. What you ask am I thinking about

weight loss
to dos today
menu for week

So I was thinking about my losing weight I am down a whole whopping 3 lbs. But hey I guess that is at least something right? I really have been slacking these last few weeks on working out. It is like I forget or miss one day and then it is down hill for the rest of the week, I really need to step it up. Get my eye on the prize again. Which is getting down to at least 130 lbs by summer.
I did this weekend have half a root beer at my sister's house while watching a movie, but it wasn't anything special and I don't think I really miss it that much. I really wanted it at the time, but am now not craving it. So that is good.

To Dos
bthrm change for season
wsh darks, wyatt's blankets
menu planf or week
vacuum couch

So I few things I have noticed when you don't have money, eating healthy is hard. We really have tried to keep eating healthy up with this lack of income, but I think the snacks have been the hardest. Healthy snacks are hard to buy because they are so expensive. The ones I have found that help me the most at cutting those late night cravings are sugar free pudding and Light Yoplait yogurt (cherry is my fav). I would like to start getting jello too.

I have a few things picked out this week for meals but I really need to sit down and figure out what I need to shop for today and what I can use from the cupboard. So far I have is this, but i need several more to finish for the week.

Mexican Chicken Doritos Casserole
Stuffed Shells (from last week), salad
Strognaff, salad

Colton age 14, Abby 5 months (almost)

Oh and wanted to share this pic it is of my oldest and the (as of right now) youngest neice. He loves to go get her and hold her, of course that doesn't last when she starts crying. Hey as typing this I realized it is the oldest and youngest of my paretns grandchildren.


Beth said...

I actually think it's easier to eat healthy when you have to shop frugally. Real foods are cheaper in general than the processed stuff. Beans are super cheap. If you find a bulk section, pasta is super cheap. Carrots (the big ones) and bananas are cheap. Most veggies and fruits, when you buy them in season, are fairly inexpensive. Eggs and cheese are cheap. It's been a long, long time since I've really bought snack foods. I find we actually eat less healthy when we have more money, because I do end up buying more snack-y junk foods. Oh, and you can make your own Jell-O. Just buy plain old Knox gelatin and use fruit juice to make it. I've done orange and apple. Check out, there are lots of frugal, healthy recipes there.

Beth said...

Haha. I just realized I said cheese was cheap. But really, it's only cheap if you find a super good sale or if you get it free on WIC.

Kimi said...

I love how wide eyed Abby is, in every pic I see of her. I can't believe how old Colton is. I miss him. I can't wait to come up.
You sure have a lot going thru ur head at 430...I'm usually just thinking,,,"LET ME GO BACK TO SLEEP!"