Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sticking it to the man....

You know the one nice thing about this blog is I can complain about the MAN! LOL.

Seriously though. So my phone bill was due on Sunday the 15th. Now of course we haven't paid this yet, but as soon as money comes in we will. So 3 days after it was not paid they send a disconnect notice. 3 DAYS people! So now if it isn't paid by the 30th we will lose our Direct TV, Internet and phone (not local they never shut you off completely in case of emergency.) So it will only be 15 days late if they shut it off.

Oh that isn't the end we have gotten 5 notices in the last 2 days. Dude we aren't even 30 days late on these bills. It just kills me.

So next on my pissed off list ,Verizon, I owed them $36.44 from February's bill. I had paid them most of it but had to round it down so I could pay something on all the bills last month. Now again this is not 30 days past due until April 4th, but they are going to shut off our cells if it isn't paid.

Next our truck bill. This one was due on the 8th. We got a call and a letter from them on the 19th (only 10 days late) saying that if we did not give them something right now they would withdrawal it straight from our bank account weather money was in there or not.

So the nice person I am (even though I am really pissed off) all I can think about is that big businesses must really be hurting in this economy that they aren't letting things even get 30 days past due. Heck ours have been between 3 and 10.

So I am now stepping off my soap box. I know this may get some of you worrying but please don't we are all right. I just really needed to let this out and let the whole world know how mad I am at these businesses. The money will come in and when it does we will pay these. We are ok. I am told we should have money by the end of the week, ya we'll see. We have had great friends and family who have really helped us out with food and have kept us feed and that is all we care about right now. Thank you all!!


Beth said...

Have you called the companies to let them know what is going on? Sometimes they will work with you if you call and explain.

Heather said...

Yup I have called. The small deposit on the phone will not save the direct tv or the internet. Verizon deposit saved it.
We had to pay everything on the truck to save it.
And it all came out of diaper and food money I was trying to make last.