Monday, March 16, 2009

That was quick...


So as you can see now there is more room to stock up on the cheap food I find. Also I have to stock up when I see good deals because I have the boys all coming for spring break and then a few month later for summer.

Also I thought I would let you know what we are having for dinners this week.

Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken, mashed sweet pot., brocolli

Beef and Bulgar casserole, salad

Crockpot Country Ribs, roasted sweet pot.

Lime Chicken & Black Eyed Peas w/tortillas

Homemade Pizza

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Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

It looks great, I started organizing pantries/cupboards when we moved here, it is a lot more cost effective and WAY less stressful to have it all right there in plain sight!