Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday TO DOs

~swiffer floor
~Mop (it's been raining so I have doggy prints)
~Wash darks, blankets, towels, whites
~Put away laundry
~clean under stove
~redo pay bills list for when i actually have money to pay them,lol
~return books My sister jenefer brought some food over to us (thanks jen)and she had to go to the library so she took them for me.
~make appt. for oil change
~get WIC

Also I wanted to mention some dinners I made last week, I am not able to put up a menu this week. It is kind of eat we have. But we had some great meals last week.

Zucchini Sausage Pasta - this was yummy I did it exactly as it called for, I didn't have shell pasta so I just used a small whole wheat penne we had. YUMMY! Derek doesn't like zucchini, but he ate it anyway reminding me that he doesn't like them. It was very yummy the next day for lunch too.
Chocolate Ricotta Rolls- these were yucky, which is funny cause Derek loved them. Just not enough flavor for me. I know they are supposed to be a healthier version, but I couldn't eat them. Derek ate mine.
Cheese Stuffed Italian Chicken- I did this recipe with only one change, red pepper instead of a green one. It was really good too. One with trying.


Kimi said...

good luck on your list. hope you get it all done.

Kimi said...

What did you serve with the Chicken Rolls? I might try those. The sausage one looks good too but I hate the fennel in Italian sausage...I'll have to figure that out.