Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad Day

Well it wasn't all that bad, just for me and my diet. I am getting so frustrated with this not losing weight thing that yesterday i snapped. I didn't exercises and we went out for Ester's Bday and I had 2 pieces of chocolate cake (mmm it was so yummy). I am just at that point where I am frustrated and didn't care, but a nice talk with Derek on the way home helped put me back on track. I mean come on 6 weeks of more exercise than I have done in a long long time, I am drinking more water each day than I did probably did in a month before and I have cut my calorie intake in half and it is all been healthy food. Grrr! Anyway I am OK now and just need to step it up I think we all need a small break down to step it up, helps motivated you to move up a level.

Wyatt had a fun time at the sushi place, that is where Ester had her Bday dinner. Wyatt loved using the chop sticks he was pretty fascinated by them. He used them to eat his oranges and then his cake. And no I don't get sushi, yuk I had the chicken teriyaki.

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Kimi said...

I'm sorry you're frustrated Heather. Maybe you need a different exercise routine. Or need to find a certain 'food routine' for your body and metabolism. I don't know. Keep at it, it'll work eventually.