Sunday, February 15, 2009


This are from last week that we haven't gotten to yet.

(MON)Country Fried Steak, eggs, hash browns

Bulgar Beef Casserole(WW), salad

Baked Chicken Siciliano(WW),Corn, garlic roasted pot.

(FRI)Homemade Pizza (dough & sauce)

A few more to finish off the week.

Pork Chops w/mushroom gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes

Leftover Day

So we didn't do to good on the healthy eating with the boys here. I took a sip of there Sprite (does that count) and we had brownie sundaes one night for dessert. So as soon as they are gone we are back to healthy. I guess it is good to get a break some times.

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Kimi said...

let me know how the country fried steak and the mushroom pork chops turn out. they both look delish!