Wednesday, February 18, 2009

makin pita chips

So I love Hummus and pita chips and it is actually a really healthy snack. But if you have ever bought pita chips they are pretty expensive so my sister, Jenefer, should me how to make them myself.

They turned out really good and my 3 yo son who is very picky, loved them. I toke the first batch off and put them on a plate with a little hummus to eat, I turned around and he had them eaten.

1 pkg Pita bread

I just cut them up and put them on a baking stone. Sprayed both sides with olive oil and cooked on 400 degrees for 5to 10 min. Some cook faster than other so I just took some off and flipped what was left and cooked a little longer.

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Kimi said...

i just found a really good dip that suggests pitas as the dipee. it's called 'avacado-tomatillo dip'. let me know if you want the recipe.