Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Break Down

So this is my kind of end of the month slash end of the week break down.

So I am eating healthy, at 4 full weeks of NO soda or candy, and working out at least 3 xs a week on my parents elliptical machine.

I have only been working out for two weeks so I thought on this third week I would try to get a few more days at home working out. Since I was so out of shape been taking it slow on the amount of days I do. But I am starting to get frustrated, I have lost NO weight or inches. GRR! My pants are still tight, but Derek said just to keep at it it will take some time. AHH what ever I want to see it NOW.

My other goals have not happened at all, with no money I can't put any in savings or buy cards for people (sorry if I missed yours). kind of sucks. What little cash we get goes to buy simple food to get by on.

Let me say though the coupon thing is going so well. Having a blast finding and clipping them. Kind of like a treasure hunt to see what good ones I can find in the papers and online. Seems though sometimes all the coupons I find are useless.

In the next few days I will post some new photos. I will let you know when.

Have a great Super Bowl, hope you have fun day.

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Cyndi said...

There's a really good cpn for Safeway. $10 off $50 purchase. It's for the next 3 days.