Monday, January 18, 2010


So I have been thinking about alot of projects lately, things I need/ want to do over the next few months.

Valentine's Day- In 2008 (yup that was along time ago) I made lots of stuff with my friend Terry. See post here, it is all the way end of the post. So I actually had 3 of those Starbucks bottles left over from that day, I found them while gutting my space. I decided I would take them this year and make teacher gifts out of them. I am not sure if I want to fill with candy or make up some bath salts????
I am not sure what Wyatt will bring for his class. I love giving holiday pencils, I just think it is something every kid uses, plus I end up getting them free with my couponing at Walgreen's. So maybe just let him pick out valentine cards form the store and then we will attach the pencils to it. Again ?????

My Birthday- Ok I know it is bad to plan your own party, but I love trying to get everyone together and I love planning things, so it works. I just thought a scrap party, yes again (man I have no pics from our Scrapbook Zone Bday get together in 08) would be fun, plus it's my fav thing to do. I would love to have a whole day of scrappin with the girls to celebrate. I will probably go out to dinner with friends or just family too, we did that last year.

Derek's Birthday- Probably the usual get together for wings or a fight night. We did the fight night last year and it was a little out of control, so not sure what he will want to do. Maybe he will just get together with his buddie's and do a poker night. The guys from church do that alot.

Wyatt's Birthday Party- So we have had some great parties over the years and I think my 4 month in advance planning is the reason ;) I just love planning it and organizing it. Now most years I have had full rain of it, but this year with Wyatt turning 5 I think he will want some say in it, darn it. In July he saw a pinata' and liked the idea so we might try that. But this year of course he has friends from school, soccer, and church that he is going to want to invite and I need to decide what I want to plan for it. My ideas for it our-

1-Have a Chuck e cheese party for 5-7 of Wyatt's friends from school and soccer and then maybe just a small BBQ at our house for all the other people we know and love.
2-Just have one big BBQ/ Party and try to get in games for the kids and talk time with everyone else. Maybe have it at the Community center like in 2008, that was alot of fun. The kids can run outside to blow off energy, Ammy Roach has lots of kid games, their is a fully stocked kitchen to make food in. So I would have a great space for it and could do lots of planning and setting up. eww clean up too!

3-Heck just invite everyone to Chuck e Cheese like last year and then I don't have to do any work except the invites. decisions?? decisions??

This was actually kind of fun to see all of his past birthday, see how much fun he had and how big he has gotten. Here is a few more 2007 and 2006.

So please leave me comments telling me any of your ideas on what I shoudl do, any pros or cons for my ideas. Or please just share any of your plans you have going, I love to hear them.

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Christine said...

I LOVE the idea of having a Scrap Party for your birthday! I probably would have done that for mine, but it was last month :-/ next year for SURE! I agree with you on pre-planning being the way to go, esp on kids birthdays. Hope it turns out well! OH and I LOVE Oriental Trading Co. stuff, Birthday Express is also really good too :) Happy Planning!