Saturday, January 16, 2010

Change is a good thing

I am hoping that changing my blog header to scrapbooking will help keep me motivated. I have done really good at gutting my stash and organizing it all. Heck I even went through a huge stack of layouts I had done and organized them by date. Seriously this is how long it has been since I have organized these layouts, I had ones in the stack from 2006 and 2007. Gees that was a long time ago. In doing so I noticed how many missing events there were. I really would love to get caught up over this next year or pretty close to.

I am getting super excited about my 3 1/2 day retreat that will happen at the end of the month and am hoping to get alot done at it.

*on a side note-

I have been doing really good with getting things done around the house and errands that need to be run run. To help me get this done I have found a great blog in my favorites (I think my sister Dani showed it to me at one time). Home Sanctuary and I will be spending alot of time together over these next few days, I am going to read several months back and see what it is all about, so far I like alot of her ideas and plans on creating your home into a sanctuary for your family.

Well it is late and time to go to bed, hope to talk to you all soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Rebecca said...

YAY!!! It's like *you're back* lol. You should join in on the Sunday Scrappin' meme. The post where you organized your stuff has been inspiring to one of my friends and I think she's sharing some pictures today. I'll have to check out that blog. Enjoy your scrappy retreat!