Monday, January 18, 2010

Party Planning

So I am thinking we might be going the Skull/ Pirate theme for Wyatt 's Birthday Party. I figure Derek and him are way into skulls so I could incorporate it with pirates.
I am going to try and use the Community Center again, have a treasure hunt, and if possible see if the kids can roast hot dogs in a fire pit (not sure what the rules are for the center)
All decorations I have found so far are from Oriental Trading Co. they have some really great prices. I love the banner below to string on the ceiling and the telescopes to give to the kids.
So yes I am doing this early, but like I said I like to organize and plan.


Rebecca said...

Cute! I think it's great that you're planning early. I've been 'planning' like the week before for mine lately.

Kimi said...

planning early means u have time to fix things if they go wrong. it's called 'being prepared'. go you!

SilverMoon Dragon said...

Planning early means you have time to shop around for bargins!

Master 5 says he wants to have a pirate party for his 6th birthday (in April) so I have started looking around too. I love for that... can spend hours browsing that site!