Saturday, January 09, 2010

A true mess!

So in keeping with my organizing resolution for the year my first plan of attack is my Scrap Area. Yes it is already pretty organized, but I would like to go through and do some purging, get rid of old out dated things I will probably never use. Now this is pretty easy for me to help others do, but getting myself to do this is a challenge.

With my upcoming Scrapbook retreat at the end of the month I thought now would be a good time to do this so I can see what I still need or want to get before the trip.

Here are some before pics, yup I took these this morning and it really is this messy. But messy is good right means it's getting used.

-Each basket will get a go through to see what I still want to keep. Stamps, ink pads, punches, ribbons, etc. There is stuff on here that doesn't get used very often, but I will keep because it will one day get used, like my chipboard items.
And trust me NO Thickers will be hurt in this cleaning. I actually need to make room for another box of them.

-I will go through this bookshelf and see what can get tossed.
-I will go through my paper box and get rid of unwanted paper that I will proably never use.
-Each drawer in the plastic boxes will get a go through.
-Most paints I will keep because they do get used eventually, same with ribbons.

So I hope this will inspire you to go through your stuff and start the year fresh and new. Umm and hello it just leaves room to buy new stuff. If you do organize a space in your home I hope you will share it I love seeing this it totally inspires me, or if you have a website/ blog to share please do.

Thanks for stopping by.


Kimi said...

I am still SO jealous that you have a designated space. *sniff sniff* one day...

Rebecca said...

I recently did a purge & organization of my scrappy stuff and it felt SO good! I found great things I forgot I had and got excited about scrapping and projects. My storage area probably needs a little touch up. Can't wait to have more space to have a scrap area. Happy purging!

Shannon said...

I just got married and my husband and I just bought a house. For the first time I have my very own craft room and it is AMAZING!!! Now I just need to work on getting more goodies to go inside my craft room :) If you have lots of stuff you want to get rid of I could always use more, feel free to send it my way :)
Good luck with your room! Looks like a great place to scrap!

Anonymous said...

you have ikea buckets too? :)

I had to reorganize because I moved a month ago. I down-sized and it feels GREAT!