Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lots of Pics

So yesterday we had Wyatt's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. He has been wanting this party since last year, so I was happy to pass off all the work to them for a year.

They have it pretty well set up, first you get there and you get your tokens for the kids and they let you play for about 30min. That also gave time for the late arrivals too.

This is the cake we made. Rebekah and Glory were over on Friday so they actually helped Wyatt make it and then Zach, Wyatt and I decorated it later that night.

After play time they bring out the pizzas and have everyone comes back over to the table and eats. After the kids eat they keep them there and teach them the Birthday song and we wait for the mouse.We then sing Happy Birthday and the kids eat cake. Here is Wyatt blowing out his candles.Wyatt got to get his picture taken with the mouse. He wasn't to sure about this.

They then get to play again for awhile. You only get the table for 1 1/2 hrs,but we got lucky and no one was coming in behind us so we actually had the tables for a couple hours. After they played some more Wyatt opened up his gifts.
Ester, Tom and Ginny got him lots of train tracks.
It was pretty sweet, Zach and Ryan both bought Wyatt a gift. Zach got him a video and made this card that he is reading so intensely.And Ryan got him a circus train. Summer got him Thomas sunglasses and the Memory game.Troy and Charity got him a frisbe and a Cars thing, not sure what it was called, but it is kind of like a mister potatoe head. Wyatt loves it.
Jenefer and the girls got him a bouncy ball. This ball is so awesome it has a bunch of glitter in the middle. Pretty cool.He also got-
Connor got him swim trunks, flip flops, water guns and goggles.
Elijah got him walkie talkies.
Seth got him legos.

Everyone had a great time.

We also want to say thanks to-

Papa and Te Tah sent him money and he picked out a car, Train Pjs and a Thomas video with it. The rest of the money went to help buy some summer clothes.

Aunt Amy, Uncle Mike and Micheal sent him some money and he got a train. PS. He loves the lous Fire Engine Card.

And Grandma Marylee and Grandpa Ben sent him a box with several outfits (St.Louis Cardinals and Cars) and some cars.

All in All I think Wyatt had a great birthday.

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