Sunday, May 03, 2009

Menu May 3- 9 & To Dos

All meals this week will be from what is in the kitchen since I didn't get to 3 meals from last week. I have those groceries still and Friday night I will be driving to get my boys for the weekend so I will make up mini burgers for Derek to have when he gets home. So all I will have to buy this week is the regular stuff such as fruits, veggies and bread. That will be good since we will go out for Wyatt's birthday on Monday night.

Check out more menu ideas over at Laura at Org. Junkie.

Monday- Out to dinner for Wyatt's Bday

Baked Rigatoni & Zucchini, salad (from last week)

Steak Sandwich, fries (from last week)

White Chicken Chili (from last week)

Friday- Premade Turkey burgers for DH- driving to N.Bend to get boys

Saturday- Bday dinner at parents w/ family

Here are my To Dos for Sunday and Monday.

So what do your To Dos and Menu look like?

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