Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time to quit

*edited- I fixed the website address

No I don't smoke or drink so I'm not quiting that I am going to get off Paxil.

I have been on it this time since before I met my husband. I got on it over 6 years ago after a bad break up with an ex and before that I was on it for postpartum depression when I had my now 11 yr old.

So I know what it will be like to get off it and I am not looking forward to it. Some side effects while getting off are nausea, light headedness, headaches, almost like ZAPS to your brain, loss of appetite; hypersensitivity to motion, sounds and smells, dizziness, of course the emotional stuff too, etc. Seriously the list goes on, but I know it is time to get off, I am tired of not wanting sex with my husband. (That is one of the side effects to being on it.) And I would just like to try life without it now, we are in a great place in our life and deal with problems together so well so I think it should be good.

So please say a prayer for me this next two weeks or so are going to be hard on me and my family. I found this site and am going to get Derek to read through it so he will understand that I can not control how I feel at this time. I went through this with my ex, Jason, when I had postpartum also. I just don't think guys get the emotional and body stuff women go through.


Danielle said...

i love those flowers! i bet they smell wonderful

i know how you feel aboutr getting of it...i have been anit-depressent free for over a year. i have my bad days but they make the good days so much better!

Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

GOOD FOR YOU Heather, and know that you are doing it for you and noone else, there is no shame in taking them and no shame for getting off either, I pray all goes smoothly and you come out better in the end!