Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paxil/Potty Update, Shopping Trip

So Wyatt has been basically going on the potty since Friday morning. It has gone pretty well the first several days were hard. Friday we had 4 wet pants, Saturday 2 and then Sunday just 1, no more since then and he has had a dry diaper every night. He is still not going poop in the potty yet we have had an accident everyday, but he really wants that $5 CASH so he is really trying.

All is going well with me. Sat. we had a BBQ and that went well we had 2 families with kids(10 total including us) over for that part, but then at 6pm when the UFC fight was about to start we had 10 more people show up, then a little later 6 more people showed up. So that is 26 people in my small 900 sq ft house. I had a really tough time with this, I basically stayed in my room the whole time when I did come out to get food or clean up a mess on my floor Igot really agitated and felt like I was going to cry, throw up and explode all at the same time. When I was in my room my sister, Kim, was nice enough to sit and text with me to help calm me down.
At one point in the night, 11 pm, when most of the people left after the fight we had 6 stragglers stay behind and drink with my DH. I put Wyatt to bed and the guys wen toutside to talk becuse they were to loud inside. So I sat in the kitchen talking with my friend Ester and she said she could see my body shaking,
So other than that night I have been doing OK with a few light headed days, some ear wind.


So I had 9 Albies Doubles, so i had to make three trips today to Albies, but I got some great deals so it was worth walking out to my car and going back in.

I spent $13.86 OOP, for all 3 transactions
I saved $50.35

So with coupons and the doublers, I basically only paid for-
meat, grapes, flat out bread, salad and frozen peas

Not to bad I got lots of free stuff today, and yes that is more BBQ sauce but I figure I have given 3 away so far and will probably give about 10 more away to family and friends.


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Kimi said...

Heahter, you are now my idol what it comes to deals and grocery shopping. I'm proud of you for making it through the fight. Oh and, GO WYATT!